Amari Discusses the Deluxe Version of his Most Recent Album, I've Found Trash but Among the Roots

With the upcoming release of the deluxe edition of his album, I've Found Trash but Among the Roots, Amari’s inspiration to do a deluxe version came from him feeling as if he left out some messages that he wanted his fans to hear. His work on this album showcases his growth in every aspect of his life and also his creative abilities as he mixed, mastered, and produced his album.

This original project has been coming along since May of 2020. The idea for a deluxe edition came along in June of 2020. The pandemic has been hard on many but without it, Amari may have never gotten around to this album. COVID-19 acted as a catalyst that sparked Amari’s creativity and he was able to get into a consistent flow of writing and producing music daily.

Of all the songs to choose from, some of Amari’s favorites include “The UO Remix”, “Failed In Love Again” and “Vulnerability”. These songs epitomize what Amari’s music is about and they each have a story to them that makes them special to Amari. With this deluxe edition, Amari will showcase to his fans and listeners his growth and innovation.

This project was a journey about self-understanding and the power of believing in yourself in which Amari wants his fans to carry on that message into their lives. The project is empowering and inspiring for anyone who has overcome anything or needs the motivation to overcome something.

In the near future, fans should lookout for an array of music. Amari’s work ethic and creativity have left him in a never-ending state of creation and fans will not be disappointed in the coming months.

I've Found Trash but Among the Roots (Deluxe Edition) available on all streaming platforms this Friday.

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