Armaville on How His Grandmother Was the Inspiration for His Upcoming Single "Virodh"

EDM artist Armaville is releasing his newest single, "Virodh", tomorrow. We sat down with him to talk about the inspiration behind this track and the message he's trying to get across to his listeners.

What was your inspiration behind this new single?

My inspiration behind this new single was actually my grandmother, she used to be an ambassador for Colombia in India. Through that she was able to explore the Indian culture. She became a fanatic of the Hindu and the Yogi and everything that has to do with Yoga. She used that as a way to give us advice, to teach us lessons, and to help us everytime we would struggle. Wherever I was in a situation that required a lot of thinking or be in the midst of a dilemma, my grandma would always have something to say about it. She would always help me really think about a solution when I had trouble dealing with a situation or whenever I had a breakup. If I needed wise advice, my grandma had it. I heard the vocal and it immediately made me think of my grandmother so I wanted to create a tribute to show my appreciation. Now it's not really such a happy song and the reason is because I kind of wanted to portray strength and a never giving up kind of vibe. I connected that to my grandmother’s struggle when she broke all the bones in her body through a car crash. Even though she suffered such a horrible accident, she was able to climb mountains and go on hikes, and was able to travel from one side of the world to the other. She somehow made everything in life seem so much easier despite her physical state. It really was something inspiring seeing her strength and her perseverance. I really wanted to demonstrate that kind of vibe throughout my song. So I created it in such a way where it is not really so happy but rather it is something that gives strength to those who don’t.

How long have you been working on this project?

I've been working on this project for about three months now. I started November 2020.

Has Covid had any effect on the progression of the song?

Actually it made things go super quick because I was home all the time and I couldn't really leave anywhere. At the time I was in Austria. In Austria, lockdowns had 100% of stores closed, nothing was open. You weren't really allowed to go outside unless for mental health reasons. So I took that opportunity to go full on with music. I remember just staying up from 9am to 3am just going hard on this thing. At the moment, I was working on other projects and it was really interesting to see the momentum I had at that moment. I wasn't about to waste my time sitting on the couch watching TV shows. That got boring pretty quickly and it wasnt good for the physical body either. I got super sore sitting down all the time. So I thought I might as well not waste my time.

Did you work with anyone else on "Virodh" or was it purely independent?

It was mostly me, purely independent, but I always rely on my friends’ feedback. I have a friend in Florida right now who is a great EDM artist, he hasn't released anything yet but he is really cool. The things he thinks about are really interesting. He is the one who got me to observe music as a story, not just a vibe to listen to. Because music has a beginning and an end and so do stories. I wanted to show that kind of thing through my music, the storytelling vibe. I got that kind of thing from him and I use that in my music all the time. Everytime I have some problem or need feedback, I ask him and he helps me a lot.

What do you want you listeners to get out of this song?

I want my listeners to get the strength to keep pushing through. Imagine your problems as a big demon that doesn't want you to continue forward. You are just the main character of a video game essentially, all you're doing is fighting this guy until you push through and once you're done you go on to the next task and keep pushing through. There is always going to be that kind of situation where you are confronted by huge problems and the only way to solve them is by finding a solution and the only way to find a solution is to keep on doing it and being strong.

What else can we expect from you in 2021? Any other projects?

Oh there are so many projects coming out. It is incredible the amount of work I have put into this. I couldn’t have done this alone. My friends, they are both audio engineers, and they're crazy good at what they do. If it weren't for them, I'd be stuck in a lump. But I'm super happy that this year I'll have at least 4 more songs, I'm hoping more. I am going to Spain to study my master’s degree there. I'm also going to Mexico and Brazil, hoping to take some pictures and film a music video there. I got a song about addiction that's coming out. It's about how I confronted my own addiction and how drugs have affected my life. I've got a song about relationships, a song about nature vs man. A lot of stories are coming out this year. I'm very excited. Especially working with you guys, you guys are definitely going to open up the doors for a lot of possibilities since you guys got your own connections and networking. It's really great to be a part of this group.

Is there anything you'd like to share with your listeners?

There’s a lot I want to express but there's also not too much I want to express because I want the listener to find out by themselves. But yeah, I honestly had fun curating this track and you know there was a lot of emotional support into it, thinking about my grandma. I hope you feel the strength that the song has.

"Virodh" available on all streaming platforms tomorrow.

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