Blossom: The Inner Urge Discusses Their New EP

What was your inspiration for your new EP, Blossom?

Blossom was the first out of the five tracks we recorded and for our EP. It captured the spirit we were looking to find with this project, which made it a fitting title for the EP as well. The song begins with a drone that rides up and down through a few swells, finally opening up to a climax.

How long have you been working on this EP?

We first began to record this EP in the summer of 2018. Since then, we have been finalizing and editing the tracks we wanted to include on the EP. We started with 11 recorded tracks and then selected our favorite five to include in our final project. The five we featured are titled, “Spout”, “Cycle”, “Blossom”, “Earth”, and “Six”.

Has COVID-19 had any affect on the progression of this project?

Covid hasn't directly affected this project since we began back in 2018, however it has negatively affected all four of us in different ways. We've lost many performing opportunities and studio time due to the pandemic, and also each lost employment even outside of performing. It's been tough, but we still were able to meet consistently on video calls to get this project published and continue planning into the future.

Who did you work with on this project?

Toshihisa Tsuruoka did an impressive job mastering the tracks. This music isn’t easy to work with in that sense because you want to keep as much of the dynamic integrity as possible, but he was still able to elevate the music and just make everything a little easier to listen to. Keeping with our theme of using commissioned paintings as our album covers, Kelly Elliot produced this cover which nicely illustrates our title track.

What are your favorite tracks off of the EP?

Jesse - I enjoy “Cycle” because of the sounds of the pots and pans I played on it. Plus there’s a low rumble of thunder you can hear during the quiet parts in the beginning and end that actually happened while we were recording.

Andrew - I love “Blossom” because of its extremely gradual introduction. This allows the listener to expand their expectations when it comes to duration of material.

Michael - “Earth” is my favorite since it was the first time I ever played didgeridoo for a recording.

Alex - “Spout” is my favorite. It’s beautiful, concise, has some drive to it, a climax, resolve, and even a melody - something that’s difficult to pull off in the ambient genre.

What would you like your listeners to get out of the project?

We hope it functions as an accompaniment for the quieter parts of daily life - a walk, a drive, a study session, yoga, meditation, or even something to fall asleep to. It’s not meant to interject too much or demand attention while also having plenty of interesting moments for someone who is paying full attention.

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

We plan to release more singles which will be more in the vain of our usual sound and instrumentation. We are also gearing up to record our second full length LP this year. Our sound has continued to evolve with new ideas for songs as well as with more experiences playing live together, so we’re looking forward to making an album that reflects that. You can catch us live Friday, April 30th in Schuylkill Haven, PA as part of Jibberjazz Productions’ Some Kind of Jam weekend festival. All live events are listed on our Facebook page.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans, listeners and our readers regarding Blossom?

This project took a lot of inspiration from ambient artists like Brian Eno, Explosions in the Sky, Aphex Twin, Steve Reich, and Tycho, although none of them have only made purely ambient music (much like us). At our shows which usually feature our jazz/rock originals and covers, we began throwing in cinematic, free-flowing ambient improvisations which functioned as a kind of palate cleanse from the music before and a return to the present moment. This EP features these sonic landscapes we created in a more focused approach to capture these live improvisations. Ambient music can change how you look at your day and your surroundings, and create a sense of peace and tranquility. We hope that is what this EP does for our listeners.

Blossom will be out everywhere tomorrow!

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