BODY Reveals All His Music Plans For 2021

“Keep your head above water, always continue to create and don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing.”

BODY realized that he wanted to be a musician when he experienced it himself. In 2010 he started to produce and engineer tracks for other people. Once he had the experience of being physically present at a studio recording, he felt it was the place where he was more comfortable. A year before he became a producer and music engineer, he would record freestyle tracks with one of his friends in high school. Now in 2021, he just finished his first professional recording project as a musician. This year he will be releasing an album of more than 12 songs.

Musicians are not strange when it comes to facing difficult challenges throughout their careers. BODY believes that the most challenging element of being a musician is finding individuals who you can rely on. “I can not do everything” BODY Admits talking about the process of making music. For him, it is hard to find people who can trust with the elements outside of making music itself, so that he could focus on creating his art. On the opposite side of the spectrum, he finds most rewarding when people connect with his music. He says it is most rewarding than actual money.

Michael Jackson was BODY’s favorite artist growing up as a kid. He calls the king of pop “the greatest entertainer of all times.” Other artists that inspire him are The Weekend, 50 Cent and Future. He admires their unique style of music. BODY is able to pull certain elements of their music to incorporate in his projects without making them sound the same.

His dream collaborations with artists either dead or alive would be with both Travis Scott and Future.

There is no doubt that these times are difficult for aspiring musicians. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the music industry and the dreams of people who are fighting to make it in the industry. “Keep your head above water, always continue to create and don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing.” These are the pieces of advice that BODY offers to anybody who dreams of becoming a musician right now.

This year is shaping up to be perhaps the best in BODY’s career. As stated earlier, he is working on an album that will have more than 12 tracks. He is also planning to release a couple of singles after that album. Those singles will belong to a second album that he will be releasing this year as well.

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