Cypha Releasing New Project, “Lost Weight”

What was your inspiration for this project?

The name of this project is "Lost Weight" a heartfelt written song inspired by multiple ways it could be meaningful. The main meaning is how a person keeps his feelings & thoughts inside & puts it in his artistry instead of conversing about it, also it’s about how a person a person could be looking like they are out of focus because their changing in ways that the public eyes can see but also they are gaining in other ways the public eye may not see. Inspired by me going through family issues & reflecting back on other struggling times in my life.

How long did this project take to complete?

I wrote this song March 11th 2021, a couple days after my birthday. Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered it all that same night & has had it in my files ever since.

How has COVID-19 impacted this release?

Not really too affected by it, the only thing that I could say in that matter is I couldn't do any big shows to perform it. But even shows are starting to come back so we'll see.

Did you collaborate with anyone on this project?

This song was a collaboration production by Vukola, Domtoocold, & wondour. Everything From the lyrics, to engineering, to cover was myself.

What do you want your fans to get out of this release?

What I would like a listener to get out of this single is, maybe a time when they felt they were going through the same situation. A time where they felt like they had to make some sacrifices to gain what may look transparent but very much important. & hopefully just a all around vibe & feel from the song.

What else do you have planned for 2021?

GREATNESS! Expect to see Cyph going harder than he's ever been, expect consistency, & most of all expect GROWTH in all aspects of my career!

Anything else you would like to share about this release?

I just want to say I appreciate anybody paying attention, giving me & my artistry a chance whether it's your vibe or not, & anybody else who will continue to stream, share, & like what I'm doing as a artist!

"Lost Weight" available everywhere May 21st!

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