Faith Ziegler Releases New Music Video For “Letting Go”

What was your inspiration for your new music video?

I was in a really low place when I wrote the original song, and it was basically me just asking God for help on how to let go of the past. The concept of the video was pulled from the idea of needing guidance on how to let go because it’s a difficult thing to do. I think that the visual for the single exemplifies the meaning behind it, by showing my fans that life is good, but sometimes you just have to find it.

How long have you been working on this project?

I wasn’t planning on making a music video for "Letting Go", so the concept came out of the blue. With the pandemic, everything is a little bit difficult right now in terms of music, so I honestly wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of creating a music video for it. The idea came when someone reached out to me and said that they wanted to film a music video for me at no cost because they really liked the message behind "Letting Go". From that moment, everything came together rather quickly and I really do feel like it was God’s way of nudging me to do what I’m passionate about and make a visual for this song to help my fans. Ironically, that exact situation fits in perfectly with the general vibe of the song, and I think it was too complex to just be a coincidence.

What would you like your listeners to get out of the music video?

In the first half of the video, I’m inside and it’s very dark and miserable. At this point, I’m questioning myself about what I should do and then as the video progresses, you see me outside with these beautiful locations happy and smiling. We filmed in the desert, at the beach, in the ocean and you can see a significant change in my mood when I’m outside in nature trusting God. As the video goes on, you can see that I’m starting to trust God more and become a better version of myself.

Who did you collaborate with on this project?

I didn’t have any co-writers for this project, I wrote the whole thing myself. Because of this, I think my message gets across to the audience a lot easier because the lyrics are a replication of my thoughts. During one of my lowest points, I was able to crank out the whole song in just under an hour and I’m really proud of the result of the final piece. I sent it over to my producer when I was done with it, and he loved it as well so we decided to just go for it.

What else do you have planned for 2021?

I’m hoping to finish up my album this year. I have a bunch of songs ready to go, but I want to make sure everything is perfect before I’m ready to officially release them.

Anything else you would like to share with your fans about this


I just hope they like it because it means a lot to me, and I think it has a great message that can help a lot of people. I know there are a lot of crazy and elaborate music videos out there nowadays, but I think with this one simplicity is key and makes the message the center of attention.

The music video for “Letting Go” will be released on April 2nd!

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