Get to Know New York Rapper, Yohan

New York native rapper Yohan has never been a stranger to music. He started out with piano lessons at a very young age, which he says "laid the foundation for everything" in regards to his music career. From then on, he went to study jazz trumpet at the New School. During his time there, he also learned about music production and audio engineering. As he started studying these different aspects of music, he began to take his music more seriously and create his own songs.

The first song he released commercially as a professional musician was a single back in 2017. It wasn't a big success story, but to Yohan it meant more than anything. "It got no plays but for the time being it was pivotal for me because it was like 'Dude I got a song on Spotify!'".

Within the industry, Yohan has found the struggles of being a musician deeply rooted in marketing and promotion. "Up till now, I've always been independent, doing everything on my own. It's a lot of stuff to figure out, it's almost like studying music itself." He's right in saying that marketing and promotion is a skill you have to learn and develop, which takes time.

Although the business side of the industry can be taxing, being a musician comes with some rewarding perks as well. The most rewarding aspect for Yohan is that he's able to do what he loves without having to be in a position where he's stuck in a job he hates. He's able to do what he loves and what he's passionate about.

When asked who has been his biggest inspiration for his music career, Yohan stated his mentors. From music teachers to college professors, he's had a lot of people over the years to guide and inspire him. As far as industry icons, Yohan has two hip-hop greats that have influenced him. "...I would say Drake and Kanye West have been huge influences on me....Drake would be a dream collab. Kanye, if I could get on a beat produced by Kanye, that would be super awesome too." Yohan would also love to collaborate with artists like Jay Park and Manilla Grey.

Yohan's album Duality has been his favorite project that he's released so far. "I'd say that was

my most musically mature project that I did. I was handling some real issues going on in the world as opposed to just making turn up songs that I did when I was newer to the music."

His latest project, Duality, had a more mature sound in comparison to his previous work that focused on hyping up listeners. Instead, he wanted to touch upon issues and topics that were weighing on the world

Yohan would agree that being consistent and pushing through hard times is key to making a name for yourself. “You're gonna go through a lot of days where you doubt yourself. You might even feel like giving up at certain points but it's important to just power through that and always remember why you got into it in the first place.”

2021 has a lot in store for Yohan, including a lot of new music.

Listen to Yohan's Duality here.

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