Glass Meadow Discusses New Single, “Maskuline”

What is this new single about?

Lyrically, the concept was to touch on the subject of modern masculinity. I really wanted to focus on how deconstructive toxic masculinity can be to society. I wanted to address this issue in a “non-preachy” way, and I figured writing a song about this would be the perfect way to get my thoughts out.

How long have you been working on this project?

I made the beat and the instrumentals first, and then the ideas for the lyrics eventually came to me. I was able to complete the instrumentals done in about a day, and the rest of the song came together shortly after.

How has Covid-19 affected this project?

Thankfully, everything was DIY with this release, so Covid-19 did not have any negative effects on this project.

Who did you work with on this song?

I always write and record my own music, but with this song, the bass track was done by one of my childhood friends.

What would you like your listeners to get out of the project?

For men, I think relatability is my biggest goal with this project. I think that this song really allows my fans to reflect upon their own life experiences, and connect with the song themselves. For younger demographics, I hope my song helps to shatter the toxic stereotypes associated with masculinity within the music industry.

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

I have a huge backlog of music that I want to release, so I’m in the process of deciding what I want to release and when I want to release it. I’m most likely going to combine a few of the songs and release them together as an EP.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans, listeners and our readers regarding “Maskuline”?

Yes! A fun fact about the title, “Maskuline” is that it is spelled in that way due to the commentary of men wearing masks, which also ties into the theme of the song.

"Maskuline" available on all major streaming platforms April 16th!

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