"Groove Shotta": Glass Meadow's Discusses His New Single

What was the inspiration behind "Groove Shotta"?

The inspiration was to make a track that blended genres and had originality and had the influences from hip/hop, reggae, UK garage. Kind of blend it all and go against the normal sound. Typically, my music has tended to usually touch on kind of more serious subjects; more vulnerable and honest. The motive was to also make a track that is more lay back and more easy going.

How long have you been working on this track?

I made the beat in one or two days and then, I right away had the idea that it would be collaborative. So, I knew I wanted a homie of mine who has kind of like the reggae/rap background. I wanted it to have multiple voices – like color voices, - so I wanted a female presence as well, especially on the hook. When you collaborate is going to be extended based on the other artists being able to record. I do not how long the entire completion was, but it was fairly a quick process.

Has Covid-19 had any effect on the progression of this project?

Good question, so I was able to record the female vocalist London in person, so she was able to come by. We were both in Los Angeles, so it did not impact that. The other artist is in Australia right now. I know it may have impacted him, but luckily we have wi-fi and internet access. The video I am going to release we all are doing it remotely and I would say Covid probably impacted the music video.

What would like your listeners to get out of this single?

It is really like a song that is all about a vibe. I said it earlier, usually my music can be more topical. This is a step back to kind of just enjoy and it is a fun song. If anything, it would be really cool if people who are listening to it are catching a good vibe from it.

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

A lot of music. I am more going to kind of just do release singles. A lot of genres bouncing. The song coming out in April 3rd is called masculine has like a rap vibe and is specifically about masculinity.

Is there anything else you would like to share regarding "Groove Shotta"?

I hope they appreciate the collab; it is three very different artists. At least if it is the very time hearing my music, it could be an introduction to how as a producer, singer, songwriter I used the music to bridge genres in different artists what maybe you wouldn’t hear in the same track.

"Groove Shotta" available on all platforms Saturday!

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