"I've Always Known That This is What I Wanted": Faith Ziegler on Her Musical Roots

Since she was a kid, pop artist Faith Ziegler always knew she wanted to be singer. In her fifth grade year book, when asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Faith easily answer "A singer". "I've always just known that this is what I wanted, my God-given gift is I just always loved music and always wanted to do it." Between the ages of eleven and fourteen, she started doing shows and picked up the guitar. This was where her music career really began. Also at the age of 14 is when she started developing her writing skills and everything came together.

The first professional project Faith made that was completely her own was her album Paper Planes, which she released in 2018. She had the true artist experience with this album: being in the studio, late nights (sometimes even all nighters) and building a project from the ground up. Putting together her album was something Faith had always dreamed of doing and is a project she is very proud of.

Faith is also proud of two songs off of this album, "Sincerely Me" and "Silhouette". These are two of her favorite songs she's ever created.

There are always struggles when trying to break into the industry as an independent artist and Faith has had her fair share. " I would say the most challenging aspect of being a musician is trying to survive. I did the whole typical move from home at 18, came and lived in California. I learned that hard way that it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows here... Honestly, that was the hardest part: just keeping myself above water so I could actually do it [be a musician]."

However, there are so many more rewarding aspects of being a musician. For Faith, the best part is when one of her songs comes out. "I just love the feeling when someone hears the song, or messages me and tells me that they loved it, or that they listen to it all the time, or that they relate to it, or it got them through this situation." Her goal is to spread good messages and make people happy through her music.

Faith's biggest inspiration for her music career has always been Taylor Swift, ever since her teenage years. "She doesn't just write a song to write a song, there's always a story or even the more basic pop stuff she has always has some kind of story. I was also inspired to just write a good song and she definitely inspired that." It's no surprise that Taylor is also one of Faith's dream collaborations. She would also love to collaborate with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder because of their songwriting abilities.

The recent pandemic has really changed the way musicians, especially those who are independent, go about their career. For Faith, it was hard for her to keep that motivation going and she knows there are others out there who have felt the same. "The best advice I'll be able to give is to just keep doing it... keep doing it, keep creating the content, keep writing the songs, just keep doing it and those doors will open if they're meant to and you have to believe that they are meant to."

With 2021 bringing Faith that motivation and fire she was missing, she's planning on releasing a lot more music in the coming year. She has plenty of singles in the works and is hoping to have a full album by the end of the year.

Keep an eye out for more Faith Ziegler music and don't forget to stream her debut album Paper Planes!

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