Introducing: Jurneé Alexis. Jurneé Talks About What Being a Young Artist is All About Today

From a really young age, Jurneé Alexis knew she wanted to be a singer. Inspired by Alicia Keys' Diary of Alicia Keys and Usher's first few albums, she knew that being a musician was exactly what she wanted to do. "My teacher had asked me what exactly I wanted to be when I grew up and I knew exactly I wanted to be a singer because of an Alicia Keys album that I heard. It was like 'I love singing. I want to be just like her' and that was the moment I knew."

Last year, Jurneé dropped her first project ever as a professional musician. This first project was her single "Ready Now". It was the first song she ever recorded and put out into the world. It was a really long process to complete, but she is still grateful for the experience and is a project she is still excited about.

Although Jurneé is fairly new to the industry, she's already experienced some challenges. The most common for all young musicians has been the global pandemic and the lack of live performances. "It's unfortunate that I happen to start my music career around the time that the pandemic hit so all of my plans ended up getting derailed and everything I wanted to do just completely got cancelled." Jurneé has also been working on being completely vulnerable through her songwriting. She believes having vulnerability through her music is the best way for her listeners to be able to understand and connect with her through her songs.

On the other side, the most rewarding part of being a musician for Jurneé has been when people listen to her music and tell her how it spoke to them. "I want my music to speak to people and I want them to connect to it, so knowing that people have my song on their playlist and they say they listen to it and they say it helps them to stay motivated and keeps them going, it really makes me happy."

Although she is still a fairly new musician herself, Jurneé offered some words of advice for other young artists who are also just starting out:

"I would say, don't doubt yourself because that's something I still am trying to work on. When I know that there's something that I could potentially be good at and, like writing a specific song, I tend to doubt myself. Doubting yourself and being an artist does not mix. You need to be confident and you need to express yourself and be vulnerable... If you have dream, work towards it. If you have something you have to say, be vulnerable and say it."

We should be expecting a lot more from Jurneé Alexis in 2021! She's currently working on diving into a deeper part of her sound, saying she's ready to show off a more mature sound. She's hoping to put out a lot more music consistently and, hopefully, an EP or album.

Stream "Ready Now" on all major streaming platforms and keep an eye out on more music from Jurneé Alexis.

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