J.M. Sees His Music Career Clearly

J.M. talks about his journey, upcoming music, inspiration and more in this personal interview.

He realized that he wanted to be a musician at a really young age. J.M. recalls creating his own drum with his textbooks from school when he was a kid. “Stop singing!” is what one of his classmates from elementary school would tell him because he could not stop doing it, but of course, he did not listen.

Growing up, the main genre that his family would listen to was gospel. J.M. says that he did not choose to sing gospel just because he grew up surrounded by the genre. Gospel actually has a great meaning to him. “Also, just the music itself; the meaning, the message. All of those different things pulled me in and made me feel that’s where I want to be musically.”

The biggest challenge that J.M. has faced so far as an artist is trying to balance his life with his music career. He has struggled with the idea of putting a great amount of effort into one aspect of his life and neglecting another part. Being a musician is not easy when you are married and have four kids. On the other hand, what J.M. finds most satisfying about music is being able to touch other people.

He remembers all the occasions where he has shared his songs with others. Every time people tell him that his music touches them, it makes him feel that all the work behind his music is not in vain. “The rewarding part is realizing that the things you are creating are important and do have meaning.” It is what J.M. says about the importance of connecting with people through his music.

In our conversation, J.M. recalled the first professional project that he made as a musician. It is a song called “See Clearly” and was also his first solo project. The song was inspired by the social issues the United States is facing and systemic racism. It is the perspective of a person of color in this country. This project was done between six to eight weeks; writing, recording, and mastering the music were all done in this period of time.

J.M. has a clear vision when it comes to his future goals. He would like to release at least three albums in the next few years. He also offers a great piece of advice for anybody who wants to be a musician. In his view, new musicians should pace themselves. “Learn and do at the same time” is how he best describes it. J.M. also says that comparing yourself to others is not healthy for your music career. He would love to make a collaboration with one of his greatest inspirations, which is gospel singer Ron Kenoly.

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