Jacquie Rendón on Being a Young Woman in the Music Industry and the Challenges She's Faced

Jacquie Rendón has been writing songs ever since she was four years old. When she was 11, she wrote songs for a Lewis & Clark play and turned it into a musical. Her school ended up performing the play with all of her original songs. Technically, this was the first solo project she ever completed. However, her first EP that she recorded in 2017 was her first professional project as a musician.

When she was 9 years old, Jacquie started listening to powerhouse female vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Lauryn Hill. These women have provided her vocal inspiration. Recently, she has also been inspired by Daniel Caesar. "I just think that he sings with such vulnerability and honesty and I think that people feel that and that's a thing I would love to emulate and learn from." Jacquie would also love to collaborate with Daniel Caesar.

Since taking the dive into professional musicianship, Jacquie has seen the highs and lows of the industry. For her, the most challenging part has been trying to find people who are genuinely interested in helping her and her music career, especially from older men. "...Being a girl in my early to mid-20s, there's a lot of older men who definitely are a little bit predatory and I think that's been something I've been struggling with in the industry." Many female musicians have experienced this behavior from men in the industry with most of these stories coming out in recent years in light of the Me Too movement.

Even though these challenges can be difficult, Jacquie keeps pursuing her music career. For her, the most rewarding part is when her lyrics affect those who listen to her songs. "...It could just be one person or it could be 20 people but when someone's like "That really meant something to me and I connected to it", I think that...is very rewarding."

To young musicians, entering the music industry can be very daunting. Even when you have a bunch of positive support behind you, negativity is constantly thrown in your direction. Jacquie's advice for these young musicians is to be your own number one fan. I think that people who sing and write songs, you can be [their own] biggest critic super easily...Instead of being your biggest critic, you have to be your number one biggest fan and if you lose everything, you at least know that you have that."

Some of Jacquie's favorite music that she's worked on is all of her upcoming material. In 2021, we should be looking forward to a few singles and at least one EP. However, the pandemic granted Jacquie with a bunch of free time to write even more music, so it's possible we could see not one, but TWO EPs from her this year.

Keep an eye out for upcoming Jacquie Rendón releases; it's going to be a great year!

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