Jiwon Explains His Music Philosophy

“For me, what always kind of guided me is, I just wanna make something no one has ever heard before.”

Adrisel welcomes Jiwon Simpkins, best known as Jiwon!

Jiwon played the cello and learned how to play the piano when he was five years old, but he did not realize that he wanted to be a musician until he dived into music production. Jiwon recalls learning music production from scratch with GarageBand. After that, he moved on to reading textbooks about music production, which is where he realized that the idea of being a musician could be possible.

There are some concepts that are crucial for Jiwon when he is making music. First, he does not approach a song by the lyrics in its initial stage; he likes to have the sound first. “You can take lyrics away and the song will still tell a story.” He does not believe that the value of your equipment determines the quality of your music. Jiwon explains that in some cases, musicians get caught up with the idea of purchasing software and the idea that if they have expensive equipment the music will just turn out to be good. For him, it does not matter how you learn music production, as long as you know the fundamental principles.

Ultimately, the principle of making a unique sound is what guides him in the process of creating music. “For me, what always kind of guided me is, I just wanna make something no one has ever heard before.”

The song “Could You?” has a special place in Jiwon’s career. He says that it is the first song that he released where he really understood the fundamental principles of music production. He recalls sitting down and thinking, "What is the catchiest sound I could make?" He finished the song in December of 2019, but it was not until March of 2020 that he decided to release it. He spent months listening to the song repeatedly and thinking about ways to make it better. The song has influences of R&B/hip-hop with a build up that leads to a catchy chorus.

This year, Jiwon will be releasing a couple of songs in the upcoming months. He says he will stick to the single format for now because he still does not have a cohesive body of work to create an album or EP. Jiwon also hopes that live music will return this year. He is excited to make live shows at his campus again where he is a philosophy major.

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