Kai Nanfelt Talks His Upcoming Single "Take My Sh*t and Go"

"Take My Shit and Go" is Kai Nanfelt's next upcoming single. We sat down with him to talk about the meaning behind the track, what work went into it and what he's hoping for his listeners to get out if.

What was your inspiration behind this new single?

This is one of those songs that I've written and rewritten half a dozen times in the last two or three years. As a songwriter, sometimes you sit down and write a song in an hour or it can take a bunch of rewrites before you feel comfortable with the finished product. In this case, the song started as a simple guitar song. As I started playing two years ago, it was the first time I wrote a song on guitar. Over the years I have rewritten it, I came up with the line “take my shit and go” about a year and a half after writing the original. I thought that could be a cool hook. I kept rewriting it and rewriting it. I was actually going to release this song last year but then I thought the lyrics could have been better. I went through something in October that really made the song come full circle. That's kind of how the whole thing happened, it was kind of a slow burn.

Has Covid had any effect on the progression of the single?

Yes. I had gone to the studio in Connecticut in January to record the song originally, and COVID happened in March but I broke my leg in February. I wasn't able to go back because I couldn't drive and then I had to start working remotely with producers I was used to working with in person. So I would say that was definitely impactful. But I would say most of why it took so long to release the song was because I wanted to rewrite the lyrics so the production was pretty much done after the first session in January.

Did you work with anyone else on this project or was it purely independent?

Yeah I worked with Jason Hart from Frantic Blue Records. He produced the song, the drums, the bass and mixed and mastered it.

What do you want you listeners to get out of this single?

I think this song has a refreshing vibe, it's almost a summer song but I wanted to release it now because I have a couple other songs coming out in May, June, and July. They're for sure summer songs as well. I want to give people a taste of the light hearted side of who I am. This is a total beach song with a mellow feeling, super relaxing to listen to instrumentally. I think that compliments the line “take my shit and go” because that's obviously a pretty harsh line. I also think it's refreshing in a sense that I go all out and just say “take my shit and go”. I think it's refreshing that I don't beat around the bush and I like to take a more literal sense when I write music because some people write so metaphorically. I definitely do that myself in some songs, but in this song I think that taking a more straightforward approach is a really good way to help people relate because it's just in your face.

What else can we expect from you in 2021? Any other projects?

I am actually going to be releasing one song per month up until November. If I feel inspired, maybe a few bonus tracks after that. I have a lot of songs written and ready to go, it's just a matter of figuring out what the best strategy is for releasing those. For right now, I will do one song per month, 12 songs, 12 months, full year, full album. I am going to see if I can build off of each song and see where that goes. In addition, I started to line up some gigs which is exciting. Some of the venues in my area are starting to open up a bit. I am going to start a Youtube channel where I will post all of my original songs. I think that will be where listeners and fans can really get the most value and see who I am as a person. In addition, I'm also going to start a podcast about mental health. It won't be too related to music, but I think it's also an additional source of value and content for people who may be interested in my music.

Anything you'd like to share with your fans?

Just enjoy it. I think it's not something you need to read too deeply into. The song is essentially about getting friend-zoned by someone you weren't originally in the friend zone with. You know I'm done playing the game, if you want me, you want me, if you don’t, you don’t. I'm gonna take my shit and go if you don't. I would say if you have an unrequited crush, take your shit and go.

"Take My Shit and Go" available on all major platforms this Friday!

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