Kayla Alissa Releasing New EP “But I Still Love You”

What inspired you to release your EP But I Still Love You?

I actually wrote and recorded two of the three songs a while ago, but I couldn’t decide on which one to release first, so I decided to add in another song and release them all together as an EP. When I found out Tate McRae was going to release her own EP, I realized that I could follow in her footsteps and release one too. I’ve always been a huge fan of her music, and I think an EP is the perfect middle ground between a full out album and a single.

How long have you been working on this project?

It took me a few months to write enough songs for the EP, but up until about three or four weeks ago I was planning on releasing them as singles later this year. Just recently did I realize I wanted to put them all together as an EP.

Did you collaborate with anyone on this EP?

No, I write and record all of my music myself. I actually write my lyrics in my notes app if I’m bored and a song idea comes to mind. I was with my friends one time and the idea for "Circles" just came to me in that instant so it was great to be able to bounce lyrical ideas off of them for the song and jot everything down in my notes app to record later.

What’s your favorite song off of your EP?

My favorite song definitely has to be "Circles" because it’s the song my friends knew about and encouraged me to release. They were super excited for me to record and release it because it’s a very upbeat and happy song that’s perfect for any occasion.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans, listeners and our readers regarding this EP?

This EP is only three songs, but it’s a great introduction to who I am as an artist. I have lots of exciting stuff planned, so stay tuned for what’s next in 2021! I’m going to be releasing a few singles later this year and possibly an album too. If not this year, definitely next year I will be releasing my first ever album.

But I Still Love You - EP available everywhere April 9th!

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