Kelaska Talks About Her Karaoke Beginnings and How She's Grown as an Artist Since

Kelaska fell in love with singing through karaoke. When she was in elementary school, her parents bought a karaoke machine and she spent hours on it, singing every single day. She remembers thinking, “I wanna do this forever.”Her go-to karaoke song back in the day? "Come on Over" by Christina Aguilera.

And all of that karaoke practice paid off! Kelaska received a message on Instagram from Stephen Martinez. Martinez enjoyed the content Kelaska had been putting out on social media and wanted to collaborate on a song together. Never one to shy away from an opportunity, she accepted. The result was the song "Bridges". Kelaska had been creating the song in her head for months, “about the idea of somebody just burning bridges over and over, and then me just rebuilding them, trying to give them more chances, but they just burned it down every time I would do that.” She and Martinez worked together and the song was completed quickly. “I think it was a perfect first statement for who I was as an artist,” Kelaska says of the final result.

Not all aspects of being a career musician have been simple – Kelaska considers herself a frugal person, and the music industry is an expensive one to get started in. She struggles with investing in herself financially and going all in, but once she does, it always pays off!

And if you’ve been wondering whether you should let Kelaska know how much her songs resonated with you? The answer is a resounding YES! Her favorite part of being an artist is taking something that’s personal, putting it out in the world, and seeing how it resonates with her fans. She loves talking to people about the meanings they’ve found in her songs and which ones they sing along to the most!

When it comes to inspiration, Kelaska derives it from every direction. From classics like The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac to modern stars like Phoebe Bridgers and John Mayer, Kelaska is influenced and inspired by it all. And speaking of Mayer? He’s her dream collaborator: “He’s just so knowledgeable and everything he puts out sounds like gold!”

And we couldn’t let Kelaska leave us without asking her advice for new musicians trying to break into the industry! She stresses the importance of taking risks. “You can’t be afraid to fail! You have to just put out content and not worry about what it’s gonna sound like at first.” She says too many new artists get stuck working on their first release in private, just trying to perfect it before they show it to anyone, “but you have to openly throw things out there and just see what sticks. See what people connect with!”

Kelaska will be releasing a single, "High & Low", at the end of March and hopes to have her debut EP out in the fall!

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