Krystal Brown Discusses Her Most Recent EP and Her Musical Beginnings

Virginia native Krystal Brown realized her my teens that she wanted to be a musician. "I've always loved music. When I was about 11, 10 or 11, there was a lot of stuff on the radio like dance music from Real McCoy, Ace of Base, and different pop musicians like that. I was in love with the dance music." She was also inspired by music by the oldies her mother used to play when she was really little. Music has always been apart of her life, so she decided to give it a try for herself.

The first professional project Krystal ever made was her most recent EP, Lady Sisyphus. This EP was inspired by a difficult time she was going through in her life."...I felt like I was trying to get somewhere but not getting anywhere, kind of like I was going in circles." Krystal titled the EP Lady Sisyphus for the character named Sisyphus in Greek mythology who was cursed to roll a boulder up a hill. At the end of each day, the boulder would come right back down and he would have to do the same thing over and over. This is exactly what Krystal felt was occurring to her during this time. She used this EP to try and break that cycle. "That EP was therapeutic for me to make." Lady Sisyphus is a six-song EP which explores 80s and dance music. Krystal discusses the human/animal connection, people who don't treat you correctly but they try to buy your affection, and people who don't take responsibility for their lives. "It's a lot of things other than just sex, which is what a lot of music today seems to be about. It explores the whole human experience, not just one aspect."

Breaking into the music industry can be very difficult, especially as an independent artist. For Krystal the most challenge part is getting yourself out there and into the world. "I think the most challenging thing is getting yourself out there and trying to set yourself apart from other people because the industry can be so saturated." Krystal has also struggled with getting people to to listen and give your music a chance. However, with all of the struggles comes great rewards. "The most rewarding part to me is seeing the finished product.... like your baby being born almost it's really cool.".

Krystal has been greatly inspired by fellow indie musician, Teddy Mykaels, who has helped her through her musical journey. "Teddy has been very, very supportive of me and my music and he has given me tips on marketing myself or social media and stuff like that."

Out of all the musicians out there, Depeche Mode is Krystal's dream collaboration. "Their songs have so many layers to it and it's just so beautiful...the songwriting, the background music, everything." She has been listening to Depeche Mode since she was young and she truly admires how long they have been able to consistently produce great music.

I would say, as a band Depeche Mode. They've been releasing really good music since before I even existed. Their songs have so many layers to it and it's just so beautiful and the songwriting, the background music and everything. They have consistently released good music that makes you think and talk about everything in life since forever. That would be a dream collaboration for me to work with that band.

The music industry has changed drastically over the past year and a half due to the pandemic. Krystal has offered some wise words to any musician who is just starting their music career during these times:

"My advice would be, since we're all isolating anyway, to use social media to your advantage because we're all stuck at home anyways. We're lucky we're not like the people in 1918 during their pandemic. They didn't have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all this stuff. Being that we have this technology now I would advise you to market yourself as well as you can using social media, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, everything. Use everything at your disposal, just use the internet. Harness the power of the internet to try to promote your music."

This year, Krystal is hoping to release another EP or album that expresses the growth she's done since her last release. She will also be focusing on promoting Lady Sisyphus while working on new music.

Listen to Lady Sisyphus now on all major streaming platforms.

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