Marliii’s Mystical Music Journey Is Just Beginning

“I’ve been saving for my entire life to drop this EP.”

Nature, the moon, the universe – those are just a few elements from where Marliii gets her inspiration to create music. She also finds inspiration in the tangible. She defends the idea of having an open mind to daily life and to write music from what she calls “uneventful moments.” Sometimes, Marliii would just hear an interesting sound and record it or just draw inspiration from a physical object. When asked how she would describe her music style? Two words are: mysterious and mystical.

Marliii has come a long way to get to where she is. Her parents would take her to karaoke nights when she was about three years old. She loved singing songs from legendary band, The Beatles. Her father taught her how to play the guitar, an instrument that she has been playing for almost two decades. Even though music was her major in college, she felt that she did not have creative freedom to express herself. “The requirements were to emulate other artists” she says about the curriculum of her major. After graduating, Marliii decided to fully pursue her music career.

She has been writing her own songs for twelve years, but it was not until three years ago that she felt comfortable enough to share them with the world. Marliii felt insecure due to all the expectations the music industry imposes on artists. She says these expectations turn artists into “financial monetary machines.” One of the biggest challenges in her musical journey has been when people tell her “she can’t,” which contributed to her skepticism to publish her music.

“Spill the Tea” is the song that introduced Marliii to the music world. The song has indie/folk influences and a motivational sound. She says it is all about manifesting your best self. "Spill the Tea" encourages everyone to not be afraid of taking the chance to follow your dreams and to be your own authentic self. This is the first song that Marliii released after graduating from college.

What does Marliii have in store for us this year? It may just be her best year yet. She is planning to release her anticipated EP sometime in April. “I’ve been saving for my entire life to drop this EP that’s coming up,” Marliii recalls about the creation process of this EP. She hopes it resonates with people, as that is one of the most joyful aspects of being a musician in her view. She is planning to shoot two music videos if it is possible. Also, later this year, she plans to have an outdoor release party for the EP in Brooklyn.

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