Meloetry Has an Inspiring Message for Everyone In His Upcoming Single

SQUAD UP Records' own Meloetry is releasing his newest single "World Champs" with SQUAD UP President Majestic Da God. We sat down with him to discuss what this single is all about.

What was the inspiration behind the single?

When I created the song, I created it with a friend of mine. When we heard the instrumental it gave us a vibe as far as to where we wanted to see ourselves in the future. That is how we came up with the chorus. “I be playing” is that we see ourselves flying through the success in the future. The vibe that the instrumental gave us – it gave us a nostalgic feeling from the 90s feels of hip/hop.

How long have you been working on "World Champs"?

I originally wrote the song in the summer of 2018. We finished the music video a few months ago, so now we are looking to release it.

Did Covid-19 have any effect on the progression of the project?

It did, initially my idea was to release this album in April 2020. Unfortunately, we were not able to build up enough promotion, we were not able to do the video at the time. That slowed things down due to Covid-19 and the quarantine.

Did you work with anyone else on this song?

Yeah, definitely the producer. His name is Chef Ellz, he produced 70% of the album and was part of this song as well. Like I said, originally it was a friend of mine – we wrote the song together and then kind of finished it with Majest.

What are you looking for your listeners to get out of this single?

Just the feeling to know that not matter where you are at in life the sky is limit. Anybody can fly not matters if they have wings or not. We all have the ability to reach forward whatever goals we have.

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

Besides more music videos coming, I’ll be doing a lot of spoken word, monologues and breaking down the songs of the album through spoken word.

Is there anything else you would want to share regarding "World Champs"?

Going back to the message of what the song represents is about never underestimating the capacity that each of us has as individual is a whole. It is about understating who we really are and where we can go.

"World Champs" available this Friday, March 5th.

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