When did you realize you wanted to become a musician?

I’ve always been back and forth from doing acting or music and both work great together. I think more recently like 4 years ago I knew I really wanted to do music. But maybe I can do this and some acting and be the best of both worlds so we’ll see.

Can you talk about the first project you made as a professional musician?

The first and most important project I worked on was creating my rap group REM with my DJ/producer Captain Juice and REM Unknown. Also my entertainment label StringKeeper Ent. Without that first project, I wouldn’t be here talking to you about all this. I’d probably still be trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician / what is the biggest challenge you have faced as a musician?

The hardest challenge that I had to face and still am facing as an artist is getting known. Back in the day if you were dope and you knew it, you would work your hardest and spend every penny to support yourself and grind in the hip hop game. Only the best of the best would succeed. Now me as an artist who studied the greats and the true soul of Hip Hop it’s hard to get noticed in this market.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a musician?

Knowing you created something that will be here forever and the look on people’s faces when they really love the art you created. My DJ would also say the performances are insane and the feeling of being on stage is like nothing else.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration would have to be my uncle Logic Gonzalez who pretty much brought Hip Hop to central Florida and especially Tampa. Besides him, I would say Jay-Z and Kanye with some Bounty Killa and Lauryn Hill. With new school, I would definitely have to say Travis Scott has been pushing the envelope on music and killing the game.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration is obviously to be on songs with rap and Hip Hop legends like Rakim or Redman etc. But to be on a song with Guns N Roses and have slash kill a solo would blow my mind!!!

What project has been your favorite?

My favorite project would have to be the song, Bill Nye. We have just been doing so much with that song from music videos to fashion shows, it’s just a great stepping stone project into even crazier stuff.

What advice would you give to someone who is fighting to be a musician right now?

My advice to musicians fighting to get to the top is to practice their craft. And if they’re not putting money into yourself, studying the craft, or giving it your all, then get out. It’s not for them. It’s not their passion because if it was then they would do everything in your power to make it happen.

What do you have in store for us this year?

This year I have all the best music I’ve saved for this moment. I am finally getting put on and getting more ears so I can show the people what I represent. Three years’ worth of gems baby.

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