New Artist Alert: Meet Taylor Reese

What do you have in store for us this year?

A lot of new singles with music videos that are a different style than my earlier music which I’m excited about because these are more ME. Might even drop a lil EP called “Everything Dies”.

Can you talk about the first project you made as a professional musician?

YES! First song ever dropped was Love X De$troy featuring YungReddy. This was the first time I recorded with my producer Valel & first time I met Nick aka YungReddy. Josh aka Valel made the beat & we recorded it in his garage. They just said "Okay go ahead". I recorded the 1st take & suddenly they were all hype about it! It was dope & super fun and that was YungReddy first song he dropped too! Then we did a release promo & made "Love x De$troy" stencils and spray painted trash and old wood all over LA and posted to IG & it was really fun! Really great first single and fun experience. I still have a spray painted Love X De$troy piece of wood hanging on my wall.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a musician / what is the biggest challenge you have faced as a musician?

Honestly I think being an artist is already challenging because we don't live in a world where it's set up for artists to win & finding genuine support from society and others is hard. I also deal with just being my own worst enemy and being in my own way. Besides marketing, promo, the industry, etc a lot of the challenges I face are internally and with myself..anxiety, self doubt, low confidence & just trusting myself and not thinking im totally crazy for doing this & really putting in all my effort to creating art and creating a successful career as an artist.

What project has been your favorite?

Well I dropped my 1st album April 2020 and that was a WILD thing to do. SO much work and energy that I did myself with my producer Valel. 10 song album getting done, I am proud of that! I think Welcome to Hollywood is a favorite track of mine, because it really captures my feelings of this crazy place and also F*** Your Fake Love, I wrote & recorded that same day after feeling so angry about everything and that song is dope. I'm also proud of Crybaby & Freaky On The Weekend.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Anthony Green, Halsey, Banks, Miley Cyrus

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Love Miley Cyrus because she really just doesn't give a f and changes her vibe so effortlessly which I love & she dives into multiple genres. Halsey is a really great songwriter that I love & I love Banks & Lykke Li. Oh and of course Anthony Green.

What advice would you give to someone who is fighting to be a musician right now?

Stop fighting it. Embrace it. & start NOW. Understand it's natural to feel doubt or have low self confidence. & then be like who cares, this is what I love & what I want to do. It is a process & there is no 1 right way to do it. Nobody can make music like you. Trust that & urself & JUST START. Do it because you know you'll never really be happy doing anything else. Do it because you love it & just start. Start small, start big, either way just start now. F*** everybody else and anyone who makes you think/feel you shouldn't.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a musician?

For me, it's knowing that I have an outlet to express my emotions or say what I want. A lot of the time I'll make something and never release it! But it helps me understand my emotions and also get it out of me. Also when I make something CRAZY and I'm obsessed with it, that's such an amazing feeling. It's also REALLY cool when people hit me up who say I inspire or motivate them, that's pretty cool.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a musician?

I hit a depressive stage in High School, never really had friends so I would listen to music. After HS I started an apprenticeship program at a recording studio in Philadelphia to learn about engineering & then took a year at The Art Institute for Music Production, while interning at Milkboy Studio. Later I realized that I actually wanted to make my own music and be an artist instead of being an engineer. I would always make my own music but I was too shy to admit that’s what I wanted. Till I moved to LA mainly for a new journey and work in the music industry, landed a job as a PA to a high executive at Capitol Records & eventually hit a rock bottom and said “f*** it” and I met my main producer at the time Valel & then dropped my 1st single April 2019.

Check out Taylor's video for "Welcome to Hollywood" available on YouTube.

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