Nothing But a Nightmare Lead Singer EĐĐIE On His Upcoming Solo Debut with His First EP

EĐĐIE has used 2021 to explore is solo career outside of his band Nothing But a Nightmare. With his debut EP, Untethered, release approaching we sat down with EĐĐIE to talk about his new solo adventure.

What was your inspiration behind the EP?

Untethered came from a song I wrote a year and a half ago. It never got used for the band so I just held onto it. I really liked the untethered concept for the start of my solo album. It was good to really get going on this song that I loved that I never did anything with and it's really beautiful. I wrote these two others about my girlfriend called “Livia” and “Penniless”. I thought they all worked together with a good concept. I saw this whole music video in my mind. It is also inspired to represent untethering myself from the band (Nothing But a Nightmare) even though I'm still with them, I'm just breaking off and doing my own thing also.

How long have you been working on this project?

I wrote Untethered a year and a half ago, it took awhile to get right. “Penniless” I wrote in September, it took 2 months to get right. “Livia” I started writing in October and finished it quickly in a month. This EP came together really quickly and the solo album is really coming together quickly. The stuff I'm writing now is coming really naturally so that's great.

Has COVID 19 affected the progression of Untethered?

Yes. Not necessarily the EP but the whole solo album. I've been going back to old ideas that I had in my database that never made it onto a NBN album. I am redoing some of them but it's hard to write and come up with unique ideas when you're staring at a Zoom call for college classes. It is difficult but it won't affect me putting it out. I'm very excited to do that and hope to bring it out on the road and perform it.

Did you work with anyone else or independently?

Yes I worked with a producer friend Daniel Jude who also produced the NBN records too. He's from Florida, he's incredible as an artist but a big time producer too. His finance Lexi sang some backup vocals on these tracks, especially “Livia”. My first solo release was a video for a cover of “Sleigh Ride” and I realized their combination of back up vocals was incredible. A buddy of mine named Jackson Albright from Nashville, who goes to Belmont, a friend of a friend. He's a great acoustic player and he wrote that guitar part for “Untethered”, which I love. I worked with three other people on this EP and I have someone else that I'm working with for the album. There's a whole circle, it's not just me.

What is your favorite track off the EP?

I like all of them. But my favorite is “Livia” because it's about my girlfriend, that's her name, and I wanted to do something for her as a present. She's very much into the Lumineers and acoustic indie bands so I wrote a song like that with rock elements and a guitar solo. A really cool feature of that song in the solo came from a video embedded in there. Her and I were at Longwood Gardens one day for their Christmas thing and I took a video and I said “Livia I love you” and she said “I love you too”. But she didn't know. I took the video and put it in the solo. So if you listen closely, you can hear me say “Livia I love you” and she says “I love you too”. It's timed perfectly because right after she says “I love you too” I sing, “And it goes like”, so it's really cool. “Livia” is my favorite.

What do you want you listeners to get out of Untethered?

“Untethered”, the title track, has a really good story to it. I want them to get the idea that when you're in love with somebody, like deeply in love, it's something you can't break and you really have to write about. This EP is a passion project basically for my girlfriend. But “Untethered” is like one of those sad songs about divorce and heartbreak. I think a lot of people can relate to that. I noticed during the COVID era, for some reason you would think people would come together but some decide to just separate and not talk to each other. I had a lot of friends from high school that I tried to reach out to that either unfollowed me or didn’t wanna talk to me. It was nothing I did, but they said they just wanted to “move on”. I was like “what do you mean?” To me that shows a lot of personal insecurities in our society right now. I think people need to be more secure and open to talking to everyone and loving of everyone.

What else can we expect from you in 2021? Any other projects?

You can expect an album. The title is “Lowly Throne”. I was looking for a title and a random title generator gave “Lowley Throne”. And I was like that makes a lot of sense because people always say it's lonely at the top. But if you think about it, someone on a throne is higher up in society. But really lowly means low status. The idea of that is that I put myself high up on this pedestal but I’m also really hard on myself. I am so low, not as high status as I like to think I am but I am also not as low as I think I am. It's kind of like finding that balance and a lot of the songs off this album are indicative of that idea. There are a lot of 60's influences so that'll be fun.

Anything you'd like to share with your fans and listeners?

Thank you for listening and I appreciate you. Thanks for sticking with me but also NBN. The people who are going to listen to this are probably NBN fans also. This is a new venture for me and I'm excited to put out music in multiple facets not just with the band but on my own. It's a way for me to be creative in multiple facets, because a lot of the songs I write for my solo projects wouldn't necessarily work for the band. They would be songs that would be thrown out because the style wouldn't work. So I think getting to release more content for people is exciting.

Untethered - EP out on all streaming platforms March 19th.

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