"One More Night" is Here to Get You Through Your Bout of Loneliness

Loneliness has never hit us harder than this past year. Dallas-based artist Andrew McCament has used the quarantine and isolation provided from the pandemic to inspire his next hit "One More Night". We sat down with Andrew to discuss his new single in more depth.

What was your inspiration behind "One More Night"?

"One More Night" is talking about the questions that we ask ourselves when a relationship ends. Maybe it's been a little bit of time since it's ended and you're reflecting on "I don't feel better yet". Sometimes people start thinking, maybe they got over us before we got over them, "why is it taking me so long" and "how do I catch up"?; mulling over "what are some ways I could stop feeling this ache"?

How long have you been working on this single?

I actually wrote about three weeks ago. I just started writing it one day, liked the sound of it; recorded it, produced it, everything like that, within the span of about a week

How has Covid-19 affected this song?

I would say loneliness. It's hard not to feel lonely these days. There's a line in there where I said "lonely is the sign of the times" and that's what I'm alluding to.

What would you like your listeners to get out of the project?

At the end, there's this resolution of we'll never have one last goodbye, we'll never have one more night. It's the realization that these are band-aid fixes, so I talk a lot about in the song a duct-taped heart looking for stitches. What I'm alluding to there is feeling like I did my best healing but I'm looking for a shortcut as far as getting a real relationship and realizing there's really not any shortcuts, especially these that I'm talking about are not healthy ways to shortcut the healing process and get ahead in that way. You really just have to let time do its healing.

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

I'm on a schedule where I'm trying to release a single a month. I actually have quite a few songs written. That's all leading up to an album later this year. I'm hoping to release many of those songs ahead of time.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans, listeners and our readers regarding to "One More Night"?

On a COVID note, we're all in this together as far as the loneliness. Hopefully, songs like this help a little bit, just with commiserating in that loneliness. Especially people who have just gotten out of a relationship in the middle of all this, it's made even harder to want to go back to those places where you weren't quite so lonely. It's hard, it's a tough time right now but we're all in it together

"One More Night" available on all major platforms this Friday.

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