Ozmosis Dropping New EP BIG Chill

What was your inspiration for BIG Chill?

My inspiration for creating this EP was to provide music to vibe out to. I want my fans to have a good time with this album, and I think there is a song for everyone on BIG Chill.

How long have you been working on this project?

I started on this project in January of this year and finished in March. So it took me about 4 months from start to finish to complete this album.

Has COVID-19 impacted this project?

The pandemic was hard for people, and I was not exempt from the fallout either. I lost my job and couldn't live my normal life. I just wanted to provide something for anyone to vibe to with this new EP.

Did you collaborate with anyone on this album?

I worked with various talented producers: Monty g, Chirashe, Epik The Dawn, and Twenty Weeks.

What is your favorite track?

I really can’t decide which track I like the most, because they all have unique parts that set them apart from each other. I will say that most of the people I sent the EP to for input said they liked "LOADED" the most.

What message do you want to get across with this new album?

I just want my listeners to vibe out, this EP is all about letting yourself listen to good music.

Do you have anything else planned for 2021?

I still have a huge catalog of music to share, but now I am choosing the release of more music is still being determined.

Any last-minute thoughts you want to share with your fans?

Just to kick back, relax, and enjoy the EP!

BIG Chill available everywhere on April 20th!

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