Savannah Jaine Discusses Her Upcoming Single "Return"

What was the inspiration behind "Return"?

The inspiration behind it was a breakup through my relationship I was in a few years ago. Where I cared about it a lot, but it was toxic, and it just wasn’t healthy. I felt bad because I couldn’t make it work, but in reality, it just wasn’t right. I wasn’t really anybody’s fault, it just wasn’t the right thing. I was really kind of alone at the time, like living in New York and I didn’t have anyone to talk to about it and I wrote what I needed to hear.

How long have you been working on this single?

We started doing a demo for it about 7 months ago when we were in quarantine, but we really didn’t get into the studio until last month.

Is that due to Covid-19?

Well, yeah, we were floating around outside of Texas for a while in quarantine and just like writing good songs and good demos. Then, studios have just been allowed to open in the last two months here or so.

Did you work on this project alone?

I worked with my partner- who is the guitarist, - the arranger and the producer. Then, we worked with a friend of his from childhood who has a studio now out here names Chris Hope. We recorded it at his studio.

What are you looking for your listeners to get out of this new song?

I think that is a hopeful tune. I hope people can get some healing from it. I know it’s been a really rough year, but just a little bit of healing. Some good vibes, we tried to make it really warm and dreamy so it’s comforting to listen to.

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

We are going to be trying to put out a new original single every four to six weeks. So, our new single is called “Reality TV,” and is gonna be more like a pop bop and it wont be six minutes long like this one.

Is there anything else you would like to share regarding "Return"?

Really it just every stream counts and every follower on Spotify counts cause we are taking all of the revenue from streaming and putting it right back into studio time to make sure that now that we work with this arranger Chris Hope that he is paid for his time and all kinds of stuff.

"Return" available on all major platforms March 26th.

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