SQUAD UP Records' Second Single "No Tomorrow" is Coming This Friday

We sat down with Majestic Da God and Saan Solo of SQUAD UP Records to discuss their upcoming single, "No Tomorrow".

What was the inspiration behind "No Tomorrow"?

Go hard or go home is the mindset behind “No Tomorrow”. Life is short- work hard, play harder!!!

How long have you been working on this project?

We started building on the project unofficially after a show we both performed in at Sylvana’s a venue in Harlem a few Decembers ago. What was supposed to be an EP turned into a full-blown album after various listening sessions.

How has COVID-19 affected this single?

Not being able to perform live is a serious crutch when it comes to promoting a project. It is an opportunity, however, to adapt to the times and technology. We are making a more concerted effort in getting our music to the masses.

Who else did you work with on "No Tomorrow"?

It was produced by Aaanonymous73. It’s not because he’s one of Saan's best friends, Pisces brother, and co-collaborator of 30+ years that appears on this song/project. MDG specifically requested his production after hearing a couple of my previous projects. I was like, “OK, if you gon’ tie my hand behind my back…I guess (LMAO)!!!”

What would you like your listeners to get out of this project?

I just want whoever hear the track to get up and do something. TAKE ACTION!!! Make it happen - no excuses!!!

What else can we expect from MDG & Saan Solo in 2021?

MDG & Saan Solo have an LP titled Quintessential Vibes coming out this Spring. Both Saan and MDG have multiple singles coming throughout the year.

"No Tomorrow" available on all major platforms Friday.

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