Stephanie Lane Discusses Their New Single, “Hooligan’s Delight”

What was your inspiration for your new single, “Hooligan’s Delight”?

It was honestly just one of those spontaneous things that just kind of happened. Steve and Jorge were in rehearsal one night just playing around and it all somehow just all came together after we went with the flow of things. The funny thing is that we didn’t really plan on recording anything that night, it just kind of came out of the air. This single is our leading single for our album that will be released later this year.

Has COVID-19 had any affect on the progression of this project?

The pandemic has certainly affected the way we’re able to write music and communicate together. Right now we are all pretty much scattered across the country and unable to do one of our favorite things together, which is playing live shows.

Who did you work with on this project?

We all collaborated with each other on this project merging all of our individual thoughts and ideas together. For this project, there were not any co writers outside of the band as we wrote the entire song ourselves. We realized we all clicked together so well and it seemed to come pretty naturally without the need for any additional writers.

What would you like your listeners to get out of the song?

We want our listeners to feel excited to hear that organic “old rock and roll” music that we’re creating. We don’t use any drum machines or anything like that, and our releases are entirely organic and original.

“Hooligan’s Delight” will be out everywhere on Friday, March 26th!

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