The Musical Process Behind Jiwon's Upcoming Single "Naked"

Heartbreak is something all of us go through at some point in our lives. Jiwon's upcoming single "Naked" was inspired by one of those moments. We sat down with Jiwon and discussed his creative process for this new track

What was your inspiration behind your new release, "Naked"?

When I first started making music, I thought I was very edgy. I had the concept of a sad song in my head and I kinda wanted to indulge that emotion. I had gone through a breakup in March of 2020, almost a year now, but these things just stick in your head. I wanted to capture a raw, unapologetic, sappy love song. Music for me has always been therapeutic. It's always been the interaction between what's going on with my life and sonically what interests me. I felt that this song accomplished that. I was able to capture the way I'd been feeling since then but still feeling like I was able to make something interesting.

How long, would you say, have you been working on this project?

This song, I remember I made it during class (online class that is). I remember playing around with an acoustic guitar and then class ended and I realized "Wow this is a really good beat!". Writing the song, the lyrics don't usually take me top long to make. I probably made that beat in a few hours and then recorded vocals later that day. Going through the vocals, you know mixing the vocals, tends to be the longest because I find that's where I get most picky about my vocal inflections and things like that. I think what took the most time was the bass and the kick. It's mostly sub-bass and just the acoustic guitars on top and obviously my vocals. I really like the simplicity of that and I really like how warm and sort of organic it sounds. It was a lot of trial and error and tweaking. There were definitely moments where I had fallen out of love with the song but to me it was the rawest, most accurate capture of how I felt at the time. To answer your question, maybe like a month or so, start to finish.

Did COVID-19 affect the progression of this project at all?

What I will say, because of COVID I moved up to Long Island and was living by myself in a studio. That isolation definitely helped me focus on the project. Being able to really look inwards and figure out what I wanted to say. It helped in that regard.

Did you work with anyone else on this project or was it purely independent?

This one was purely independent. I felt because of the personal nature of this song and because of how it all came together it didn't really make sense [to include other people]. Obviously, you get input from other people but in terms of the creative process it all came down to me just because it wasn't really about anybody else.

What would you like your listeners to get out of this single?

I hope that if they're in their bag or something they can put it on. If they're on the train or in your room and just feel that heartbreak happens to everyone and it's never really pretty. That they can have some kind of soundtrack to their sadness.

What else can we expect from you in 2021?

Hopefully a lot. I got a lot of songs. As I said, I spent most of last year and pretty much all of this year so far just making music. I'm actually taking a break for a week because I realized I was working myself and my voice too hard. I definitely will have more singles coming out hopefully in March/April. In May, I'm trying to do something of an EP or maybe even longer depending on how many songs. I don't want to pressure myself into making a full album just to throw songs on there. I would rather it be quality over quantity. Definitely a longer project with a more clear focus. Maybe not sonically because I feel like I'll always go off on different genres and instruments etc. This is probably the first time where I felt I made a series of songs under the same mentality, relatively speaking. I felt it was the most clear songwriting process I've had for a lot of these songs. Very excited about that. I mean, who knows if live shows start opening up I would love to go and sing these songs for people if they want me to. Other than that, just still trying to make music and do my thing.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your fans, listeners and our readers regarding "Naked"?

If they're feeling sad, they should put it on and just realize that they're not alone.

"Naked" available on all major streaming platforms this Friday, March 5th.

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