VNIX on Male Pop Idols, Independent Artist Struggles and Big 2021 Plans

VNIX was inspired to be a musician at a young age. His parents would often play 80s music in their middle class household and that's where VNIX was introduced to male pop idols like Prince, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury. “I kind of grew up watching that kind of big male artist spectacle...and that kind of influenced my desire to express myself through music and performance.” Although he gained his love of music and performing from those bigger than life musicians, VNIX solely pulls inspiration from his own story.

While VNIX would love to collaborate with the idols of his youth, like Michael Jackson and David Bowie, a few musicians of the modern day intrigue him as well. “I would absolutely love to collaborate with Lana Del Rey or Grimes or FKA Twigs or Florence & the Machine. I don't think my music would necessarily vibe with them but we could probably write something together to mesh both of our sounds…”

The idea of VNIX came from his father’s obsession with superheroes. It influenced him to become a hero himself, to strive to help others and give them an escape with his music.

“I started creating this part of myself that could feel a lot safer in the world and gave myself a sense of purpose in terms of being able to help people...I knew I wanted to help people through music by creating an entire art experience that people could escape to.”

Like many upcoming artists, VNIX finds it difficult to navigate the music industry independently. “You need all three of these if you're going to be successful: networks, money and resources. If you don't have any of those or you only have one of those, your road towards expressing yourself artistically is going to be very challenging…” He often finds it draining to have such big visions and not being able to execute them because of money or resources. “I'm a visionary, I have huge visions. I have binders full of ideas and concepts that I don't usually get to bring to life because I lack the finances to be able to invest fully into seeing them realized.”

Although it's tough, being a musician can be very rewarding and VNIX finds the most satisfaction in seeing his music make others as happy as it does himself. “Knowing that I'm contributing something positive and healthy to their experience of reality and life is so beautiful. It reminds me of the responsibility that we have as artists…”

VNIX is keeping very busy during these trying times and has a 4 song EP, Zenith Chasm, coming soon as well as an entire album, Apotheosis, on the way. He is taking the reigns and is producing both projects by himself. He hopes to release a few singles alongside these new projects throughout the year. These upcoming releases are only the tip of the iceberg for VNIX’s career. “I literally have binders full of music video concepts, photography, costumes I've designed… I have a full binder of this huge art project that I've been writing for many years... My long term goal is to release this album and EP and then hopefully roll from there.”

The Hero-like musician has a few words for this coming generation of artists and music makers:

“If you're a songwriter, start writing your music and start going out to open mics to test your material. See how people respond, see how you feel about performing that material, if it resonates with you and the audience. That can give you a lot of insight on how you want to grow and develop yourself, especially if you're new.”

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